Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amy Winehouse designer for Fred Perry

Dopo un lungo periodo di collezione è uscita. Un'altra cantante mondiale è stata chiamata per fare la Stilista.
Amy Winehouse ha creato una Collezione per Fred Perry ed è veramente molto lo stile della Winehouse.
Lei ha anche fatto la modella per la collezione ed è una cosa strana perchè lei finalmente non sembra sapete c'è sempre photoshop.
La linea è composta da 19 capi, compresi una borsa ed una cinta.
Amy ha detto: 
"Sono veramente eccitata per aver prodotto questa collezione con Fred Perry. Ci abbiamo lavorato a lungo ed è fantastico vedere che finalmente si è realizzata.'
Questi sono alcuni articoli della linea:

After long time of rumors...the collection is Out. Another worldwide singer was signed to be a Designer.
Amy Winehouse creates a Collection for Fred Perry and , in my opinion, this is really Winehouse's style.
She also is the Model for the collection and it is a strange thing because she finally doesn't look drunk but, you know...there is always photoshop.
The Winehouse Line is compose of 19 articles, includes a bag and a belt.
Amy said:  
“I’m really excited about doing this collection with Fred Perry. We’ve been working on it for a while and it’s great to see it finally come to fruition.".
These are some articles of the New Line.

This full skirt is so Amy Winehouse's style OF COURSE!!!.

Also the colors: Black-White- Grey and Pink

And these are the only two accessories of the Amy Winehouse's collection.

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  1. Really Amy Winehouse style and I love it, the pieces are great!

  2. Bellissimo blog.

  3. hmm...I'm not much of a fan of her or these outfits, but I like the accessories

  4. Ah, I had no clue about this collaboration! I absolutely adore Amy; such cute pieces!

    By the way, I'm following you now, as well!! :)

  5. Never a fan of her or her style but I gotta agree with you, she looks more sober in these photos lol interesting!

    Have a wonderful one (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  6. I didn't realise she was doing a collection too - you're right, definitely her style!

  7. Thaaanx for the comment!
    Dear, I do already follow, but all my follows are anonymous


  8. It's actually very cute!


  9. Cute collection. Its nice to see pics of her with a smile on her face. Thanks for your lovely comment on my necklace design. Following back xo

  10. I cannot believe that Amy will design outfits. her daily style is a lil bit weird I think.
    but her design is great, I like it

  11. I had no idea of this!!!! thanks for sharing...

  12. I love this collection ! it makes the brand very sexy for girls

  13. cute piecess, i expected it to be a little more "out there" but looks great!

  14. Thanks for the comment :)
    Ohh, the pictures are fun, the clothes are really her face !
    M and S

  15. looove the trench coat and the argile sweater!

    p.s. - thank you for following my blog! :D

  16. oh i love this, and i love amy winehouse!
    classy with an edge
    lovely blog btw
    hope you drop by sometime

  17. I love Amy,I'm sad when I look her photos where she smiles and looks happy :/


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