Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Candy" by Prada the New Fragrance for Summer 2011

Il Nuovo Profumo di Prada sarà  "Candy" e verrà lanciato in Agosto 2011.
Questa è la Prima Foto Ufficiale nella quale si vede un semplice primopiano della attrice/modella Léa Seydoux che tiene una confezione del profumo oscurando metà del suo volto.
Descrivere un Profumo è sempre difficile ed è quasi impossibile riuscire ad apprezzarlo tramite la descrizione, per quanto concerne la nota di testa è composta da un elegante Mix di muschi, la nota di cuore da un accordo balsamico vanillico di benzoino e per finire la base è composta da dolce caramello. 

The new fragrance from Prada will be "Candy" and it will be launched in August 2011. 
This is the first official photos which you can see the actress/model Léa Seydoux holding a box of perfume obscuring half her face. 
Describing a perfume is always difficult and it is almost impossible to appreciate it just by description, as far as the top note is composed of an elegant mix of musks, the heart has balsamic vanillic accord of benzoin and finally the base is composed of sweet caramel.



  1. Can't wait for it to come out in August. By the way, I adore your blog. Amazing. Followed! Stay Fab, Much Love.

  2. @sassy chissà come sarà! sono curioso!!
    @tqa thank you honey! i'm curious too!

  3. ohhh this looks interesting!!

  4. Very good advert, it is a little retro :)


    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

  5. Can't wait to try the new fragrance :)
    xx, Ana

  6. Love the bottle! Hope i like it...


  7. Oh, it's candy every where - candy colour trend and now we gone smell all summer like candy. Sticky and sweet :)
    xoxo Ra

  8. What a cool blog!!!
    I just wanted you to know, that Lea Seydoux is not a model but a lovely french actress (one of my fav, I adore her!!). SHe was part ot the "midnight in paris" cast.

    A kiss from France!

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  10. @Fashion hi honey! i always take some info from the official account of the brand, press and something like that :)


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